Week 3: Weight Loss Journey

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As Of May 24, 2011

Weight: 227.5 lbs

BMI: 41.87

Height: 5’2

Dress Size: 20

PROGRESS!!!!!I’m slowly but gradually losing in the right directions! This week I lost 1.7 pounds ya’ll!!!!! So that means I have lost a total of 7.5 pounds since I started Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! The pounds are just dropping off! And I can definitely tell the difference in the way I feel, I have more energy and I’m starting to notice my clothes are getting a bit loose! If I keep this up I’ll meet my goal of 130 pounds in no time, keep rooting for me ya’ll!!!!! We can do this!!!! 🙂


The Best Things In Life are FREE!!!!!

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When was the last time you went to the gym? Better yet, when have you been able to go for free? Well, yesterday was my lucky day!

Last week was the first time for me since FOREVER! The last time I went to the gym was like 4-5 years ago when I was in college! I still workout out, just never in a gym setting. The gym has always been intimidating. Last week I got the courage to go with a friend to attend a free Zumba class, and of course I loved it!

So after the gym sold me on the Zumba class I was interested in checking out if I could rack up on some coupons for a gym membership online…I found something even better! I found a Free 7 day trial, not a discount, but free ya’ll, you can’t beat that with a baseball bat! Lol.

So yesterday I squeezed my thick hips and thighs into my favorite yoga pants, threw on an old MSU T-Shirt (had to represent) and hit the gym, I was ready!

That evening, little did I know they had ZUMBA too! And ya’ll already know how much I love some Zumba. But before I could get my booty shakin’ I still had an hour to kill before the class began.

So I decided to warm up a bit…I did 15 minutes on the stationary bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill, both at a moderate pace. My ipod playlist was uploaded and ready, but little did I know I didn’t even need it! Okay, now don’t laugh at me, but I’ve never worked out on a machine that had a little TV attached! I was in heaven! Not to mention they had Dish Network too, oh snap! Shoot, I have basic cable at home, lol.

After my “warm up” I headed to my 60 minute Zumba class. As always, I enjoyed every bit of it. But when I woke up today I was SORE SORE SORE! Good sign right?! I even had to work through the sore pains today during my afternoon workout, ouch! But it will eventually pass and pay off. Someone once told me, “no pain no gain,” next week I better have lost at least 10 pounds…ha, just kidding! At least 2 pounds will do. Stay motivated and encouraged people, we can do this!

FYI: That lady in the photo is not me, just a little inspiration, hehe.

Week 2: Weight Loss Journey

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My heart is pounding, I can feel my breathing intensify, my palms begin to sweat, and my mind racing, wondering what my weight on will be for this week, as I step closer and closer to the scale…

Last week I lost 4 pounds! That’s pretty damn good considering last week was my first weigh in. When I started my journey I made a plan, try and eat as much power foods (fruits and vegetables) as possible, stay away from those evil carbs (breads, pastas, etc), and incorporate exercise at least 5 days a week. My plan fitness plan for now, incorporate some type of cardio 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day or walking/jog 1-2 miles per day.  I’ll be adjusting my fitness plan after I lose a substantial amount of weight.

This past week I’ve been slipping a bit on my plan and missed have been dipping into my weekly allowance points as a cushion instead of pretending their not there as I did before.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t lose another 4 pounds, but I’ll be so disappointed if I gained or didn’t at least lose 2 pounds this week.

It’s time! I step on the scale…I take a deep breath and look, my Week 2 WI is *drum roll*…229.2 pounds! That means I lost 1.8 pounds this week!

Woo hoo! So you know what this means…I’m on the right track. I just got to stay focused, keep tracking my food, and continue following my plan. I’ll keep you all posted with my progress. So stay tuned. As always, stay motivated and encouraged my friends. We can do this!

As Of May 17, 2011
Weight: 229.2 lbs
BMI: 42.19
Height: 5’2
Dress Size: 20

Zumba Fever!

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Join Zumba Fitness!

 (A glimpse into the world of Zumba)

Sexy, exciting, fun, energizing, and easy to learn Zumba Fitness is on fire! For me, going to the gym always felt more like a chore instead of a great way to get fit. I was never happy going to the gym nor did I want to continue paying for a gym membership that I rarely used.

Growing up, dancing has always been one of my favorite past times.  So I thought…hmm. Why not incorporate my favorite hobby into something that could make me feel sexy and fit?

And there it was…ZUMBA! I was first introduced to Zumba last year, when I went to that first class, I felt a bit nervous, unsure of what to expect and didn’t know if I would fit in with my classmates. But once I got my body moving and body shaking I fell in love. No one judged me, everybody was having a good time, and it was like a night out in the club shaking it up with my girls! That 60 minute Zumba class was so much fun, I kept coming back.

Today, I no longer attend a Zumba class regularly but I do play the Zumba Fitness game on Xbox Kinect and work out to Zumba Fitness videos periodically. Both are just as great!

For beginners who have no dancing experience, don’t be intimidated by the Latin moves. Everyone can do it, just keep trying and keep moving those legs and hips, before you know it no one will be able to stop you, you’ll be on fire, muy caliente!

To get better acquainted with the Zumba Fitness craze I leave you with a few Zumba routines that I absolutely love. Enjoy!

Day 1: Weight Loss Journey

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(Jennifer Hudson really inspired me join & she looks GREAT, YOU GO GIRL!)

   Today I became an official member of WeightWatchers.com! I feel really empowered and motivated to begin a new lifestyle change that will not only help shed the pounds, but great create a more healthier me!

All my life I’ve struggled with my weight. I’ve always been refused to as the “fat girl” or the “chubby girl” in my small circle of friends growing up. Despite the fact I was active as a teen I have never been capable to get below a size 14. Which as you all know is still considered “plus sized” in America. Now, at a size 20 it’s still even more alarming today to know that I allowed myself to get this big, I just sick and tired of going shopping and not finding my favorite clothing styles in my size.

However, losing the weight to be able slip into a smaller dress size isn’t the only reason I want to shed the pounds. In 2009, I was seen by a Nephrologists (Kidney Doctor) because my OB/GYN (Obstetrician/ Gynecologist) noticed an alarming amount of protein in my urine…VERY SERIOUS! Ever since then, doctors have been running numerous tests to determine the proper diagnosis for my condition.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a new General Medical Physician who has continued running tests, ultra sounds, kidney biopsies, and stuff. He still hasn’t given me an answer on the diagnoses yet, but he has made it VERY clear to me that I have to lose weight. I’m expecting an answer during my next doctor’s visit next week.

At my last doctor’s visit he explained that because of my weight my organs ore overworking, especially my kidneys, and they are unable to function regularly because of the high mass from my body weight. After that, I knew it was time lose weight for real this time!

Over the past few years, I have tried working out on my own, dieting, and even limiting my food intake, but nothing worked. I talked with friends and co-workers before about Weight Watchers and even heard their success stories, but I didn’t want to spend the money on something I wasn’t too sure would work for me.

Now that I’m left with very few options, it won’t hurt to give something a try that might work.

So here I am, day 1 an official Weight Watchers Online member. I know this plan is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I’m willing to put fourth the effort. If I know it has worked for fellow co-workers and friends in the past. Who knows?! It may do the same for me. But I can’t knock it til I try it, WISH ME LUCK!

As Of May 3, 2011

Weight: 230 lbs

Height: 5’2

Dress Size: 20

Who Runs Da Yard?!

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     When I was in college Greek life always fascinated me. I never really heard of a Que, Alpha, AKA, SGRho, ZphiB, Sigma, Kappa, Delta, or Iota before I attended college in the South. Maybe it was because where I’m from “The Divine 9” is not BIG on the West Coast or maybe I just was out of the loop? Whatever the reason Greek Life has definitely set a trend around the south as making it “THE ORGANIZATION” that many people want to join, but few are chosen.

As a freshman I was approached by two different Greek Letter Organization members and was asked to join their beloved sorority. To learn more, I began to research, research, research all sororities… I began to narrow down my choice to the one sorority that I believed would be the “perfect fit,” based on what I feel like I would feel most comfortable being apart of and possible one day representing. As I know Joining a BGLO (Black Greek Letter Organization) is a LIFETIME commitment and should not be taken lightly. To show my interest, I attended that particular organizations programs, got to know even more of its members, and even attended interest sessions.

By the end of my first semester of college I began to realize that in order to become a member of ANY Greek Letter Organization you had to maintain a certain GPA before you could even be considered. For me, because of some personal circumstances that made my GPA drop below the requirement I knew pledging that year was out of the question.

In the years that followed, I did continue to make my interest known to that organizations members. However, by the time my senior year came rolling around it was too late to pledge Undergrad and I was WAY too busy to even begin to the intake process of any organization. If I ever do pledge one day, I want to be able to focus on the initiate process and be able to learn and grow with those members of that sorority without any outside obstacles or distractions in the way.

If ever that day comes I’ll be ready, until then I plan to stay inspired by its members, continue to research, and possibly one day pledge at a Local Graduate Chapter, if the opportunity ever presents itself.

(Spring 2011 Beta Gamma Chapter – This Probate Video was AMAZING!)

DISCLAIMER: This is based on my personal experience, I am in no shape or form bashing any organization of the Divine 9 nor state that I have pledged or will have a guaranteed spot. This blog is just stating the facts based on my personal experiences. If you are a member of a Greek Letter Organization or not and have something to say, please share! But DO NOT waste your time leaving ugly comments, as they will be subject to deletion. Thank you.

Don’t Call It A “Come Back!”

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I know, I know…It’s been a minute, but I’M BACK!!!!! I’ve been so busy lately trying to get my life straight and narrow, but everyday is STILL a struggle. I’m keeping my head above water though, especially now as my career choice as taken u turn (we’ll talk about that more in detail in a future blog). However, it’s with my wish in mind that all my readers continue to enjoy my blogs, be inspired, enlightened, and motivated. When I hear you thoughts and read your comments, they are the initiative and motivation for me to keep posting, so keep them coming and don’t forget to show your girl some love…SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!

Truly Yours,